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MS Word Templates Perth, WA. Above all, we put emphasis not just on looks, but on MS Word Template functionality too. Let us build you the Microsoft Word Templates you almost certainly dream about.

In addition to templates and document repair services, we also offer custom solutions training to assist in the deployment of your project. If you are simply looking for Word Training near Perth… why not check out the range of Public, Virtual and Corporate Microsoft Word Training Courses from Perth, by Mobile MOUSe? Their courses are also accessible from anywhere in Australia and New Zealand.

Tailored MS Word Templates

In short, powerful Word Templates tailored for Perth, Sydney, Melbourne,  Brisbane, Darwin, Canberra, Adelaide and Hobart. Similarly, MOUSe Consulting also provides Document Formatting and Repair services worldwide.


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MOUSe Consulting certainly offers the best Templates and Word Solutions that money can buy.

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Automated Templates

As a result of VBA (Macros), we can automate repetitive tasks at the click of a button. Subsequently reducing user errors with automation.

Word Template Styles

Most importantly, we do styles correctly. Badly setup styles will subsequently result in unstable formatting.

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Custom Ribbons

Add extra power and Automation to your Word templates. Specifically group your automated Document Tools in one place.

Themes and Branding

In the same vein, we understand the importance of branding. Ensure your Branding is always on point.

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Template Training

In short, our background guarantees the best training on your new tools. Examples include custom guides and videos, face-to-face and online training.

Template Styles (Formatting)

Certainly, anyone who has used MS Word for a while will tell you about the frustrations of working with word templates, resulting documentation that frequently crashes. In other words, mot folks have experience with formatting that never seems to work properly.

Styles Provide Structure

The solution to most problems is simple. Word (like other computer applications), needs structure. Firstly, styles provide structure and secondly, without correctly setup styles, the end result will be endless formatting issues.

Solve Your Formatting Problems

As a result, we employ a meticulous, technical approach to styles. Moreover, we know how to design structures, that consequently offer template and document stability.

Word Template Themes

All templates come with a MS Office Theme. Theme files will result in automated brand colours for Font Type and Font Colours. Likewise, themes also control defaults for Charts, SmartArt and Shapes.

Template Automated Brand Colours

Specifically, branding and application of themes help integrate the Colour automation. As an example, never have to worry about correct RGB codes ever again.

Word Template Automation (VBA / Macros)

Automation through VBA (Visual Basic for Applications / Macros), works hand-in-hand to take template use to the next level.

Our standard Word Template Ribbon packages make use  automation, allowing users to perform standard actions (e.g. changing page orientation) with a single shortcut key or click.

Automate Standard or Custom Tasks

Forget users having to learn the intricacies of working with Word. You can automate formatting tasks to radically speed-up document creation. Autoamtion will also drastically increase document stability.

XML Word Template Ribbons

A custom Ribbon associated with your Word Templates is the best way (in addition to Styles) to automate your day to day activities.

Consolidated MS Word Commands

Having a custom Ribbon allows you to combine all of your commands in one place. In addition, a custom Ribbons will give you the power to present custom automated tools to end users.

Contact us today and find out just how much a custom XML Template Ribbon will benefit you.

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Word Template Demonstration

Word Template Examples

Below are some quick case studies and samples of various Word Template Consultancy projects we have undertaken.

WEL Cover Page

Legal and Agreement Word Templates

The client contracted MOUSe Consulting to re-design a series of templates that included Custom Ribbons and Automated Tasks. This project entailed a complete re-build of Styles to fit within Coporate Brand Guidelines.

Additional Projects

This project resulted in other projects to revamp Control Document Templates.  We also developed an automated Form Builder template.

Custom Training Material

To support the Templates, MOUSe Consulting developed a custom user-guide. We also delivered hands-on training and developed corporate branded template training videos.

GF Cover Page

Mining Industry Word Templates

This project comprised 100 templates addressing all areas of coporate documentation. Templates ranged from memorandum templates through more complex financial reporting templates.

Branding with Styles

One of the objectives of this project was to establish a clearly branded set of styles across all templates developed.

Interchangeble Design

At the Clients request, many templates were designed so they could be used interchangeably across the clients various entities, brands and operations in Australia.

IGO Cover Page

Corporate and Enterprise Templates

Thanks to previous successful projects with us, the client implemented a new series of templates. Templates ranged from letterhead to advanced procedures. All Templates were aligned to new Branding guidelines with consistent and reliable styles.

Bespoke Ribbons

These templates also implemented bespoke Custom Ribbons with a wide range of custom designed automated commands and actions.

Custom Training

Training was delivered via a custom user-guide, training sessions was supplemented with official branded training videos.

OHA Cover Page

Disability Access Consultancy Templates

The client approached MOUSe Consulting to repair and improve their existing templates.

We ending up going a lot further with this project than anticipated. Style repair and setup ending up being just the first phase.

Reducing the Number of Templates

A number of existing templates were reduced into a single templates. Thanks to a single startup form that builds the document content based on user selections.

Document content (shared over multiple templates) is managed & updated with ease.

Custom XML Ribbon

A Custom Ribbon was built that automates all document formatting and object insertion requirements. Artwork supplied by the client.

TE Cover Page

Environmental Consultancy Templates

The Client approached us to correct the formatting issues they were experiencing.

Once the client saw what functionality and power we were capable of delivering, they upgraded to a Custom Ribbon.

Startup Forms

Startup forms, perfectly setup styles and a host of custom tools now automate the daily functions and tasks of Reporting.

The client commisioned a detailed custom userguide,  written specially for their templates and requirements.


Cover and Divider Page Artwork was designed and supplied by MOUSe Consulting using images supplied by the Client.

MAD Cover Page

Recruitment and Hire Templates

No job is too big or too small. We can assist with projects of any size.

The client asked us to re-design their capability statement template and variations of a troublesome proposal template.

Page Graphics

A complete redesign of page graphics, page layout and updated custom artwork designed by MOUSe Consulting.

In addition; most importantly, we completely built new templates (and documents) with corporate branded styles from scratch.

Branded Formatting (Styles)

Branded Corporate Styles ensure that document formats and layouts are always to specification and on point.

Word Templates Pricing and Packages

Word Templates Design Process

Microsoft Word is know for it’s propensity to act “strangely”, but what if we told you that 99.99% of the “strange” formatting behaviour often associated with Microsoft Word, was down to the way your templates were designed and down to the way you use them.


1. Brief

Tell us your goals and objectives. We design Microsoft Word Templates around you to fit your brand, maximising your output and productivity.


We’ll assess the project and get back to you with a general quote and a timeframe. We will also provide a detailed Scope of Work outline.


We can use your supplied artwork, and if you don’t have any, we can create the Artwork for you.

4. Building

We’ll build the templates using the agreed specifications, either given to us by you or the specifcations we design for you.


5. Feedback

The project is only complete when you’re content with the outcome. We use this stage to refine, ammend and test the Word Template(s).

6. Delivery

Once we have finalised the Project, we will hand over your new funcional template(s) or solutions.

Word Solutions Training

Implementing the tools we build for you is obviously critical to the success of your project.  What is often overlooked is the upskilling and training of your staff to make the most of the amazing tools at your disposal.

Training Delivery

Our background is training. We offer a wide variety of training options (from classroom or online based training, through to branded corporate instructional videos). Ensure your staff get to use their new tools in the quickest and most productive way possible.

Word Training Courses Perth

Mobile MOUSe has long been a leader in Microsoft Office based training in Perth, WA (Western Australia).

Post Project Training and Support

Mobile MOUSe, offers five different Microsoft Word Courses which are available in a number of formats including face-to-face instructor led training and via L!Ve (Live Interactive Virtual Training). Discover how Microsoft Word was meant to be used.

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