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Based in Perth, Western Australia, MOUSe Consulting offers expert Microsoft SharePoint advice, support and services geared towards improving SharePoint configurations for SME’s – using nothing more than out-of-the-box SharePoint features and supporting services like Power Automate and Power Apps.

SharePoint Support Perth

SharePoint support and consulting tailored for Perth, Sydney, Melbourne,  Brisbane, Darwin, Canberra, Adelaide and Hobart. We also design SharePoint Configurations and Taxonomies for Small to Medium businesses all over the world.

MOUSe Consulting also offers custom SharePoint Training, assisting in the deployment, up-skilling and willing adoption of your SharePoint system by employees. If you are simply looking for SharePoint Training near Perth… perhaps check out the Mobile MOUSe range of Public, Virtual & Corporate Microsoft SharePoint Training Courses from Perth? They also have a range of Office 365 Courses that are also available to all of Australia and New Zealand.


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Mobile MOUSe offers SharePoint Consulting, Development, Planning and Branding services for Small to Medium businesses. Click or Tap for info.

SharePoint Consulting Pricing

MOUSe Consulting offers Out-of-the-box (OOTB) SharePoint advice, consulting and support at a reasonable, affordable price. Click or Tap for info.

SharePoint Services

We got your back. Planning, Taxonomies, Document Control, Workflows, Permissions, Compliance and Branding. Click or Tap for more information.

SharePoint Training

Our background guarantees the best training on your SharePoint environment. Custom Guides and Videos, Face-to-Face and Online Training.

SharePoint Services

MOUSe Consulting would love the opportunity to help you plan, configure and setup your SharePoint environment.

One of the key differences between us and other providers is that we give you the ability to learn about the things we implement for you.

SharePoint Maintenance

That way (should you choose to), you can maintain your own SharePoint environment without the need for costly outside intervention, the way SharePoint was designed.

SharePoint Planning

The most common and biggest mistake many organisations make with SharePoint is treating or thinking of SharePoint as a “dumping ground” for documents, never realising or taking advantage of the power that a correctly configured SharePoint installation offers.

Plan Your SharePoint

SharePoint is essentially an online database and just like any database, if not planned and setup properly, it will lead to a messy, clunky environment that is not only hard to manage and maintain, but also harder to find things.

We can help you plan and scope your SharePoint environment, helping ensure your system is robust and will behave in a way that really benefits your business.

SharePoint Taxonomy

Taxonomy in general refers to the entire structure of your SharePoint installation as well as the individual components that combine to make up the overall organised SharePoint setup and structure.

Plan Your SharePoint Taxonomy

Planning and configuring your Taxonomy is a critical aspect of any well-to-do, respectable and healthy SharePoint environment, just as it is when designing a database. Poor design will lead to a host of problems.

SharePoint Support

We will guide you and help you plan your structure so that it is setup and laid-out in the most efficient and logical way to suit your business. Help us, help you… get it right first time.

Document Control

Gain the full benefits of SharePoint Document Control by implementing version control, workflows and compliance.

SharePoint Reviewing and Publishing

SharePoint has systems that allow you to easily control your processes for document review as well as how and when documentation (or any content) is published or archived.

SharePoint Version Control

How about the ability to restore specific previous versions of a document?  With correct implementation and configuration, gain control over the ability to publish, review and restore content quickly and easily.

SharePoint Metadata and Search

SharePoint gives you the ability to “tag”, “label” or “categorise” documents in your own context through the use of metadata. “Tagging” content correctly is a fantastic way to improve search and the overall power of SharePoint.

SharePoint Search Not Working?

One of the biggest complaints we hear is that “We cannot find anything, especially when searching“. This is down to a hap-hazard approach to metadata or non or incorrect setup thereof.

Metadata Affects Search in Sharepoint

Metadata is an element of your taxonomy; it is critical that it is configured correctly. It’s not just a simple case of creating custom columns and hoping to find content.

We can plan and setup your metadata correctly, granting the ability to get search working as expected as well as the ability to setup highly custom search refiners.

SharePoint Permissions

Getting your SharePoint permissions right is vitally important not only to the internal security of your environment but also to the integrity of your SharePoint installation.

Setting Up Permissions in SharePoint

SharePoint starts off with “fairly loose” and generic permissions, but can be configured to be as strict or as customised as you require. Permissions also play a role in presenting content to your users, not only just from a security point of view but also in the focussed and targeted automatic delivery and presentation of content depending on the audience.

SharePoint Brand Colours

SharePoint naturally comes with a range of Theme colours and Fonts, however most of the time you will struggle to find a SharePoint Colour theme or a Font Scheme to match your Brand Colours as SharePoints’ out-of-the-box (OOTB) colour and font options are fairly limited.

SharePoint Themes and Branding

At MOUSe Consulting we can develop your Brand Colours for SharePoint. If you already have Brand Colours, we can apply your existing branding to SharePoint. This also applies to corporate fonts.

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SharePoint Pricing and Packages

Sharepoint Consulting Process

The general process for SharePoint Consulting Projects is outlined below but is not necessarily the process we use all the time as we will customise the process to your requirements.


1. Brief

Tell us your goals and objectives.

We will meet with you and listen to what you want. We can then offer some insights to improve or setup your environment.

We will also advise you on how to best move forward.


We’ll assess the project.

In due course we will get back to you with a comprehensive Quote and an outline for the proposed Scope of Work.


Should you choose proceed, we can use your supplied artwork, and if you don’t have any, we can create it for you.

4. Plan and Build

We will plan your environment together, offering advice, guidance or training along the way.

Should you require we can naturally build the environment for you in stages or as outlined in the Scope of Work.


5. Feedback & Training

The project is only complete when you’re 100% content with the outcome. We use this stage to refine and test the environment.

We can also use the final stages of this phase to train staff on using the SharePoint environment.

6. Delivery & Handover

Once we have finalised all of the project elements, we will defer control to you or we can continue to maintain the environment according to your requirements.

Custom SharePoint Solutions Training

Using the SharePoint features we build or implement for you is critical to the success of your SharePoint environment. Unfortuantely what is often overlooked is the upskilling and training of your staff to make use of your SharePoint environment.

Our background is training, and we offer a wide variety of bespoke SharePoint Training options (from classroom or online SharePoint training, through to custom branded corporate SharePoint instructional training videos and user guides). Ensure your staff begin to adopt and use SharePoint in the quickest and most productive way possible.

SharePoint Training Courses Perth

Mobile MOUSe has long been a leader in SharePoint training in Perth, WA (Western Australia).

Mobile MOUSe, offers a range of out-of-the-box and custom SharePoint Courses. Mobile MOUSe SharePoint Courses are available in a number of formats including face-to-face instructor led training as well as via L!Ve (Live Interactive Virtual Training) where you can attend a real SharePoint course from your own desk at home or at work.

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