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Based in Perth, Western Australia, MOUSe Consulting puts emphasis not only on the Appearance and Branding of your PowerPoint templates, we also place emphasis on Correct Template Design and Automated Functionality.

PowerPoint Support

No matter where you are in the world, let us give you the Microsoft PowerPoint Templates you have always dreamed about! Powerful Themed PowerPoint Templates and Support for Perth, Sydney, Melbourne,  Brisbane, Darwin, Canberra, Adelaide and Hobart, as well as for companies or organisations of any size, all around the world.

We also offer Custom PowerPoint Training to assist in the deployment of your template(s). If you are looking for Microsoft PowerPoint Training near Perth… why not look into the option of attending a Public, Virtual or Corporate Microsoft PowerPoint Course from Perth, offered by Mobile MOUSe?

PowerPoint Templates

PowerPoint Templates the right way. Wishy Washy and incorrectly setup Themes and Slide Masters are bane of a PowerPoint Template. No excuses, just reliability.

PowerPoint Template Pricing

MOUSe Consulting offers affordable and fair pricing on all Microsoft PowerPoint Templates. Click or Tap here to view our PowerPoint Template Pricing Options.

Custom PowerPoint Training

Our background guarantees the best training on your new PowerPoint Templates. Custom Guides, Videos, Face-to-Face and Online Instructor Led Training.

PowerPoint Design and Support

PowerPoint is a relatively straight forward program to use and most people when asked would rate themselves as advanced PowerPoint Users. As it turns out, people saying they’re advanced typically means, “I know how to change fonts and colours in PowerPoint”.

Format Control

Ending up with a “finished” but unpolished PowerPoint presentation is not a difficult thing… or you can have your organisations’ presentations branded and formatted consistently in a way that the general population of PowerPoint Users cannot do.

Knowing how to “use” PowerPoint is one thing, but having a presentation based off a solid template that rocks (the right way) is something else altogether, this is where we come in.

PowerPoint Template Formatting

An inconsistently produced PowerPoint Presentation can mean the difference between millions earned or lost for you or your clients. A lot of people have generic PowerPoint knowledge, but it’s incredibly rare for us to meet someone who can rock a PowerPoint presentation (let alone rock a presentation without hours and hours of wasted time).

Slide Masters

A respectable PowerPoint Template should (at the very least) have dynamic artwork, coupled with well-constructed Slide Masters and Layouts, which allow for easy application of custom branded and custom designed (but standardised) PowerPoint Slide placeholders and imagery.

PowerPoint Branded Themes

PowerPoint, like most Microsoft Office programs has the ability to utilise Themes, which are the recommended way in PowerPoint to ensure your PowerPoint presentations use your brand colours and fonts, this includes Charts, Shapes, Slide Colours and Fonts.

Theme Colours and Fonts

Coupled with dynamic artwork, Theme Colours and Fonts will further help automate the Corporate Branding aspect of your PowerPoint Presentations.

Each and every MOUSe Consulting PowerPoint Template Project will come with it’s own PowerPoint Branded Theme file, facilitating correct use of your Brand Colours, first time every-time. No more guessing RGB codes.

PowerPoint Template Artwork

We are flexible in our designs. Whether you are a new start-up or are simply looking to modernise or update your branding, we have got the artwork for you.

Existing or New Artwork

Even if you have already got existing artwork that you want to retain and simply upgrade your PowerPoint Template(s), we can help. If you don’t already have any Graphic Designs or Artwork, that’s not a problem, because we can create the Art Designs for your corporate image if you need us to.

Automating PowerPoint

PowerPoint is capable of more automation than you may think! Not only can you add automation though Theme Colours, Slide Masters and Slide Layouts, PowerPoint can also take advantage of Custom XML Ribbons and VBA (Macros).

Custom XML Ribbons

XML stands for Extensible Mark-up Language and is the de-facto format for almost all Microsoft Office files since 2007.

Grouped PowerPoint Commands and Controls

Custom Ribbons are excellent for grouping your most common and frequently used commands all in one place. Combining a Custom Ribbon with VBA (Macros), we ca add another dimension to your PowerPoint Automation.

VBA (Macros)

VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) is most commonly associated with programs like Microsoft Excal, Microsoft Access and even Microsoft Word and is used to automate tasks, or perform custom actions. We can can develop PowerPoint Templates that contain VBA to automate common or bespoke tasks.

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PowerPoint Demonstration

Template Pricing and Packages

PowerPoint Template Design Process

The general process for Microsoft PowerPoint Consulting Projects is outlined below but is not necessarily the process we use all the time as we will naturally customise the process to your specifications and requirements.


1. Brief

Tell us the goals and objectives for the project. We design templates around you to fit your brand, or we can create one!


We’ll assess the project and get back to you with a general quote and a timeframe as well as a detailed Scope of Work.


We either use your supplied artwork, or if you don’t have any, we can create the PowerPoint Artwork for you.

4. Building

We’ll build the template(s) or Solution according to specifications and the agreed Scope of Work. We also use this phase to test functionality.


5. Feedback

The project is only complete when you’re content with the outcome. We use this stage to refine the template or solution if required.

6. Delivery

Once we have finalised all of the project & payments, we will hand over your new funcional template(s). This is often when we conduct any custom Staff Training on your new PowerPoint Solution.

Custom PowerPoint Training

Implementing the MS PowerPoint tools we build for you is obviously critical to the success of your presentations, often overlooked though, is the training of your staff to make the most your new PowerPoint tools.

Post Project Support

Our background is training, and we offer a wide variety of Custom PowerPoint Training options (from classroom or intructor led online based training, through to branded corporate instructional videos). Ensuring your staff get to use their new PowerPoint Templates and Features in the quickest and most productive way.

PowerPoint Training Courses Perth

Mobile MOUSe is a leader in Microsoft Office based training in Perth, WA (Western Australia).

PowerPoint Short Courses

Mobile MOUSe Perth, offers Microsoft PowerPoint Training, which is available in various delivery formats including face-to-face instructor led training as well as via L!Ve (Live Interactive Virtual Training) where you digitally attend a live course from the comfort of your own environment.

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