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Based in Perth, Western Australia, MOUSe Consulting offers expert Microsoft Access Development, Design and Support geared towards building and improving new and existing MS Access systems.

Database Development Perth

Database Development and Support tailored for Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, SydneyDarwin, Adelaide, Hobart and Canberra. Our Access Database Support is also available to any sized business or organisation anywhere in the world. MOUSe Consulting also offers custom MS Access Training, assisting in the deployment of your Access Project to employees.

If you are looking for Microsoft Access Training near Perth… why not look into the option of attending a Public, Virtual or Corporate Microsoft Access Course from Perth, by Mobile MOUSe?


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Mobile MOUSe offers worldwide, MS Access Database Development and Support services for any sized business or organisation. Click or Tap to learn more…

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Decades of Expert Microsoft Access Advice at a reasonable, affordable price.
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Database Development

MOUSe Consulting brings you gold-standard MS Access Database Development, Design, Planning, Automation,Support and Connectivity. Click or Tap for more info.

Custom Access Training

Our background guarantees you the best custom training on your MS Access Systems. Custom Guides, Videos, Face-to-Face and Intructor led Online Training.

Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access is a Relational Database System, and is the most maligned and least understood of the MS Office products. Microsoft Access requires thought and planning, and detailed understanding of database design.

Database Design Experience

Each of our Microsoft Access Consultants been designing databases for over 30 years (each) We have the knowledge and skills, and the dividends for you can be huge.

Expert Database Support

Our range our Microsoft Access Support comes from decades of developing, designing and teaching Microsoft Access Databases.

Database Services

Our MS Access Support Services include (but are not limited to):

  • Scoping, Planning and Database Design
  • Complex Database Relationships
  • Automated Import and Export Data Processes
  • Replace Excel with Multi-User a MS Access Database
  • Advanced Development of CRM Databases
  • Low Cost High-End Database Creation
  • Accurate and Instant Data Validation
  • Instant Data-Cleanup
  • Instant Reporting

Access Database Planning

MS Access is a Relational Database Design Application. With any Database, if not planned and setup properly, it will lead to a messy, clunky database that is not only hard to manage and maintain, but will be error-ridden and frankly, may not work at all.

Database Plan and Setup

Planning and configuring your Database is a critical aspect of any healthy Database, just as it is when designing a SharePoint Taxonomy.

Database Development

We will guide, plan and build your Database Structure (with your input) so that it is developed in the most practical, efficient and logical way to suit your business.

We will ensure your system is robust and will behave in a way that really benefits your business. Get it right the first time.

Database Data Sources

Not only can MS Access store data in its’ own tables, but it can link to data from a large range of sources within the one Access database.

Data Imports and Connectivity

Data from SQL Server, Oracle, SharePoint, Text files and Excel workbooks can be queried and cross-referenced in a single Access Database that collates all of your data in one place.

CRM Databases

MOUSe Consulting can also design and develop your advanced CRM (Customer Relation Management) database in Microsoft Access,

Data Analysis and Reporting

Many industry software packages in finance, mining, asset management etc… use high end database systems like SQL Server or Oracle to store their data.

Data Extraction and Reports

However, the data extraction and reporting tools on the front end of these applications can be limited, and may require expensive consultants to produce the desired reports.

MS Access Database Connectivity

Microsoft Access can connect directly to certain 3rd Party database tables, granting you the ability to use the powerful query and reporting tools of MS Access to generate customised analysis and reporting.

In fact, Microsoft Access can even be a used as a “intermediary connectivity layer” between database servers and Excel spreadsheet reports.

Macros and VBA

Access, like all other Office applications, used Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) to drastically extend the capabilities of an Access database.

Custom VBA

VBA affords automated, highly customisable control over Access data management, forms and reports.

VBA Automation

Visual Basic for Applications can also extend functionality to things like sending emails, extracting data from webservers, generating Word documents and populating Adobe forms (and more).

Stand-Alone Applications

Microsoft Access has the ability to build complete self-contained applications; thanks to its easy-to-build user forms and programmable interface and data handling.

Self Contained Programs

Microsoft Access can be developed as a self-contained application (program) managing its own data.

Access Front Ends

MS Access can also be developed as a “front-end” to data stored on an SQL Server, Oracle or even SharePoint. This means you get the power and functionality of an Access Database that can “interact” with remote stored data.

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Microsoft Access Demonstration

MS Access Support Pricing

MS Access Consulting Process

The general process for Microsoft Access Consulting Projects is outlined below but is not necessarily the process we use all the time as we will customise the process to your specifications and requirements.


1. Brief

Tell us your goals and objectives.

We will meet with you and listen to what you want. We can then offer some insights to improve or setup your database.

We will also advise you on how to best move forward.


We’ll assess the project.

In due course we will get back to you with a comprehensive Quote and an outline for the proposed Scope of Work.


Should you choose proceed, we can use your supplied artwork, and if you don’t have any, we can create it for you.

4. Plan and Build

We will plan your database together, offering advice, guidance or training along the way.

Should you require we can naturally develop the database for you in stages or as outlined in the Scope of Work.


5. Feedback & Training

The project is only complete when you’re  content with the outcome. We typically use this stage to refine and test the environment.

We can also use the final stages of this phase to train staff on using your new Microsoft Access System.

6. Delivery & Handover

Once we have finalised all access database project elements, we will defer control to you or we can continue to maintain, improve or add functionality to the database according to your requirements.

Custom MS Access Solutions Training

Using the MS Access features we build or implement for you correctly is critical to the success of your custom Microsoft Access Database. What is often overlooked is the staff training sometimes needed to make use of your MS Access Solution.

Post Project Support

Our background is training, and we offer a wide variety of bespoke Database Training options (from custom classroom or custom online Database training, through to custom branded corporate database instructional training videos and user guides).

Access Training Courses Perth

Mobile MOUSe is a long-time fron runner in Access Database Training in Perth, WA (Australia).

Mobile MOUSe, offers Access Database Training that is available in a number of formats including face-to-face instructor led training as well as via L!Ve (Live Interactive Virtual Training) where you attend a live Access Course digitally, from anywhere in the world.

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