About MOUSe Consulting

Who Are We?

We are a Perth based, Microsoft Office Consulting, Graphic Design and Web Design Company. We also offer Custom Solution Training, where we offer training to your staff on your newly developed consulting solution.

Our Goal

Our goal is to deliver Microsoft Office Solutions that not only improve your existing MS Office systems through the use of Automation, but that also meet Brand requirements.

As far as we are concerned their is no project too big or to small and would love to show you how you can save time and money and present a better brand image to your clients.

Our Background

MOUSe Consulting officially started in 2019, but has its roots all the way back to 2004. Mobile MOUSe (our sister company) began training the amazing people of Perth, Western Australia in the usage of Microsoft Office Applications. The Mobile MOUSe training style was so unique that they soon became the Premium Microsoft Office Training Provider in Perth, Western Australia.

Thanks to this extensive training background (over 60 years of combined Microsoft Office experience), Mobile MOUSe began to provide sound advice and solutions revolving around MS Office, where they literally found themselves practicing what they taught. These were the first early seeds of MOUSe Consulting.

Our Graphic Design and Website Design Services were added in 2020 as a natural extension to our Microsoft Office Consulting Services.

Our Consulting Services


Word Templates

Word Templates and Formatting. Check out Australia's best Word Template Development and Document Formatting services. Microsoft Word like you've ever seen before.

MS PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint Template Automation, Design & Development. Customise and Automate Microsoft PowerPoint, with beautiful Branded Graphics, Slide Masters and correctly themed Microsoft PowerPoint Templates.

Excel Consulting

Excel Consulting Services. We can automate and improve your existing Excel Spreadsheets. From complex formulas to advanced VBA, 3rd Party Integration, Analytics and Dashboards.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design Services. In addition to our MS Office services we also offer a wide variety of Graphic Design services, ranging from logo design services and branding through to page layouts and custom corporate branded artwork and graphic design.


SharePoint Consulting Services and Support. Have you got a new business and want to setup SharePoint correctly? Already got SharePoint, but want to improve?

Website Design

WordPress Web Design. Wordpress is our web design tool of choice. Regardless of whether you are a new startup or are business that has a website in need of an upgrade, we can assist. Services also include site setup & registration.

Access Support

Whether you need a new Database or need to repair or enhance any existing MS Access Database, we have decades of Microsoft Access Database design and development experience.

Staff Training

We design powerful solutions for clients, sometimes staff need to be upskilled on how to best use a given solution for optimum success. Hence, we offer custom training to our clients that suits their exact needs regarding the solutions we design for you.

MS Project

Microsoft Project Automation, Support and Development. Advanced Customisation and Automation of MS Project. Resourcing, Tracking and Management Schedules.

PC Training

Mobile MOUSe is a Microsoft Office Short Course Training provider who offers public and corporate courses for MS Office. Training Courses can be delivered face-to-face or through online Video Conferencing technologies such as ZOOM.

Meet the Team


- RUSS -


Russ has been with us since April 2004 and has been teaching and consulting across various Microsoft Office Applications since 1994.

Russ has a background in Computer architecture design as well as Networking. He also has extensive industry experience in Technical Writing, Web Design and Database creation.

Russ specialises in High Quality Word Templates as well as SharePoint Design and Taxonomy.


- Joe -


Another one of our highly rated and sought-after consultants, Joe has been with Mobile MOUSe since January 2010 and has been teaching and consulting in the Microsoft Office suite of applications since 1990.

Joe has a background in Electrical Engineering, Project Management, Consultancy as well as Database Design.

Joe specialises in the high end application of Excel, including Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), Microsoft Project as well as Database Design.


- JOHN -


John has worked for over 20 years as a Quantitative Analyst in various Banking and Finance roles.

This involved using, developing and implementing systems and analysis tools using Excel, Access, Visual Basic, SQL Server and Oracle.

John specialises in the high end application of Excel, including Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) and Access Database Design


- Kimberleigh -


Kimberleigh has been with us since June 2016,
she has over 3+ years of industry experience in Graphic Design.

She has multiple certifcates in multimedia and adobe platforms along with a diploma in Graphic Design.

A bubbly personality, Kim has an eye for colour, design and page layouts; and will be valued member of the MOUSe Consulting team for years to come.




Since joining Mobile MOUSe in 2013 from a Print Industry and Manufacturing background, Graeme has become an extremely valuable member of our training team and has more than proven himself as a Natural Born Trainer and Communicator.

Graeme has an extremely amiable personality and is able to relate to his students on all levels. Graeme has an exceptional ability to explain concepts and put forward and impart practical skills in a way that every student appreciates.


- Kerry -


As an extremely critical member of the team, Kerry has been with us since April 2004. She has extensive industry experience in business management and administrative work.

Kerry is the person responsible for all of our scheduling, co-ordinating as well the General Management of the business.

Kerry looks for the positive in everything and is always willing to help Clients in any way she can.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do we get started?

Depends on the project, usually it starts with a consult to discuss the project.

At the obligation free consult we assess your needs and offer up a basic "initial game plan". If you already have something in place we may ask for samples to determine the scope involved. We will then provide a fair & accurate proposal.

If we have your approval, the Project will then commence.

How do you charge?

It depends. We can provide a flat rate for the project or we can charge hourly.

This can be determined by the requirements of the project or at the request of the client. Some clients even choose to purchase an initial "block of hours" with the choice to add more hours as their project requires.

We can also quote on different milestone markers if required required.

Making Payment

Typically we offer 30 day payment terms. However we can offer interest free payment plans at the clients request. Payments may be made before, during or after project completion.

Payments are typically made electronically (online) through through EFT or Bank Transfer. 


How Quickly can you get started?

This is determined by a number of factors. However once you have confirmed that you would like to proceed by accepting our proposal, depending on the project size, the lead time could be anything from a few days to a few weeks.

You will be given an indication of the lead time at our initial Project Scoping meeting or it will be stated in the Project Proposal.


How to we Meet?

We like to have fairly regular meetings with our clients to asssure (and ensure) that the project is tracking the way they expect.

For any meetings in the Perth Metropolitan area we can meet Face-to-Face or Online through Online Video Conference systems such as Zoom or Skype.

For all other (outside of Perth) meetings, we will regularly meet with you using Online Video Conference technologies or conference callls.

Is there any post Project Support?

The level of support is completely dependant on what package or consulting service you opt for.

We offer a wide range of options ranging from limited free support through to complete staff training options.

Each project has a Testing and Review period offering you the chance to test drive the product making tweaks within the agreed Scope before lockdown.

Still Got a Question?

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